Sensual, Soft and Strong.....................................shootin' stars

The shootin' stars is a music band composed of three Italian girls who posses the power to tease, caress or blow your mind away with their unique music.

The sounds they whisper are almost surreal...The first time I heard them I felt as if I were in a trance, almost as if they were fairies luring an awed child into their fantasy kingdom.



"I can feel the waves"



The shootin'stars have their own MySpace so take the time to pop in there for a visit too (you can click here to go to their official space or go to Links on the navigation menu).


If you choose to take a peek around on this website you'll find that each page has a different song, so make sure to press play! Please feel free to be wraped up in their mystical symphony and enjoy the senstation.



"Shore, will or will not sink"





Alexandra Campbell